At a time when anxiety, depression and uncertainty are affecting the day to day life of everyone, the staff at Monadnock Family Services are proactively creating new processes and procedures that will allow us to continue to deliver critical services to our clients. The prudent way for us to do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is to make a large-scale change in our customary operations.

To still deliver services to our clients, the vast majority of our contacts with them will be through the telephone. Starting today and through May 1st, we have cancelled our client group sessions, have closed the Monadnock Adult Care Center in Jaffrey and continue to carefully monitor Emerald House, our transitional home in Keene until further notice. If anyone has questions about their specific service, please call our office and our staff will assist you.

Our Emergency Services department is working to meet the needs of individuals who need crisis care. It is a high priority to maintain this important service for the community.

MFS also remains committed to ensuring our staff and clients receive only credible updates and information from us about changes in our day-to-day life as these changes occur.  We will continue taking steps to minimize the risk due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 by asking all who have a fever, aches, new cough, sneezing, or other respiratory illness to remain at home and take care of yourself.

While events are rapidly unfolding, we know that New Hampshire is doing everything possible to address community needs. MFS is keeping current with State and Federal authorities so that we can provide accurate information and any available resource that comes to us.

It is important that everyone has access to reliable sources of information about the spread of COVID 19 and the steps we all can do to lessen its burden on our community. We recommend:

• U.S. CDC website
• NH DPHS website

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