“I thought I would be living in the hospital for the rest of my life, and now I am living a life I love on my own. I have accomplished so much in my 8 years out of the hospital:
-I got my first job bagging groceries at Hannaford (I have now been there 7 years)
-I graduated after approximately 2 years in DBT
-I got my first apartment
-I got my fur baby, Millie
-I became my own guardian and payee
-I got my high school diploma

And now, I am an MFS Incorporator. MFS asking me to be an Incorporator feels like they are giving me a voice. I never thought I would be brave enough to share my story. I appreciate MFS for believing in me. I am proud to share my story, and I hope to spread information about mental health stigma in the hope of educating more people.”

Check out these incredible remarks by MFS Incorporator and client Jess at our 2023 Annual Meeting. Thank you for sharing your story, Jess! Click for Video

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