Understanding Trauma

Mental Health and Trauma Affects Everyone

Child sitting on stairsBehavioral Health is as important to overall health as any other condition a person may experience in their lives.

What is Trauma:

Trauma is “an emotional wound or shock that creates substantial lasting damage to the psychological development of a person.” Systematic racism, inequality, public health crises, poverty, and other high-stress situations can create cycles of intergenerational trauma.

What is a Trauma-Informed Community?

A trauma informed community is a place of belonging where members

  1. Realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand paths for recovery
  2. Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in their fellow members
  3. Build knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures and practices
  4. Take steps to prevent re-traumatization where ever possible.

Why Create a Trauma-Informed Community?

  • Safety
  • Connections and belonging
  • Compassion and action for victims
  • A renewed sense of equity, equality, and value; a respect for mutuality
  • Health and wellbeing for all members
  • Social change that affords a positive culture for everyone
  • Can disrupt generational trauma and make for new possibilities for the future

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