Wellness Works!

         Monadnock Family Services now has a comprehensive initiative for providing a wellness orientation to mental health services. Our plan is to infuse our treatment of mental illness with efforts that promote the optimal health and wellbeing of our clients, staff, organization, and community. This Wellness initiative is informed by the tenets of Positive Psychology, and is compatible with an integrative care approach in that it continues to address the mental health needs of clients, along with fostering their overall health and general wellbeing. Our initiative is evidence-based and incorporates both preventive and restorative measures.

          This wellness initiative is multifaceted.  It involves an agency-wide participatory process of generating and sharing research-based educational and clinical information and practical approaches for facilitating greater wellness. It includes the revision of staff job titles and performance expectations in ways that increase a greater emphasis and attention to providing care for the whole health of our clients, and the provision of wellness enhancing events and in-services trainings for staff  to foster both their own and their client’s greater wellbeing.

          There are “Ten Points of Care” that provide an overarching framework for fostering wellness in our clients. They include attention to:

Social Connections, Positive Psychology, Physical Activity, Altruism, Experiencing Joy and Satisfaction, Sleep Hygiene, Consume the Good; Reduce or Avoid the Bad, Spirituality and Meaning, Resilience, Stress Management, and Following Appropriate professional Advice. 

          This initiative holds the potential for providing a cutting edge approach for Community Mental Health Centers elsewhere. It is an approach that could lead the way toward making a significant positive change in how the delivery of mental health services are provided, and in the process facilitate greater wellbeing for one and all.