Supported Employment

Supported Employment collaborates with people, in our community, who have a wide variety of skills and abilities, seeking full and part-time employment.

Through partnerships with local employers, we meet businesses' recruitment needs by introducing our quality job applicants. People living with mental illnesses have the potential to be extraordinary employees.


The 8 Principles of Supported Employment (your job coach follows these guiding principles):

  1. Rapid job search
  2. Benefits counseling
  3. Individualized job search approach
  4. Job development
  5. Competitive
  6. Integrated with treatment team
  7. Follow along support
  8. Zero exclusion

I'm all for Supported Employment. It really works. They help you get jobs and back you up when you get a job. F. W.

the evidence

Evidence shows that the routine and socialization of employment helps reduce mental health symptoms

Job Developer Role

  • Helping to create a personalized job development plan to strive towards clients achieving their professional goals
  • Assisting with resume building, helping with employment applications, interviewing skills, maintaining benefits, prompting professional appearance, and forming community building relationships
  • Providing ongoing support to both the employer and employee, as needed
  • Educating employers about the needs of the employee upon discussion and approval of client
  • Coaching clients on skill-building techniques in order to increase employee retention

Benefits for Employers

  • Participating with job candidates who are interested in finding long-term career placement
  • Matching of skills and strengths of job candidates to available positions
  • Saving of labor costs - may decrease advertising, hiring, and training expenses
  • The assigned Job Coach provides support to the employer and their employee when needed
  • Potential Targeted-Job Tax Credits

Positive results from competitive employment:

  • Increased financial independence
  • Increased community relationships
  • Higher self esteem
  • Time management
  • Routines and socialization that may reduce mental health symptoms