Sally Credits Her Job Success to Emerald House

Sally had been a resident of Emerald house, the transition home maintained by MFS for people coping with mental illness and working their way back into community life.  Sally, now living in the community and asked how this MFS program had helped her, said: “Having the staff right there.  That’s the main thing that was helpful.  The staff there is great, they really are-every single one of them.  The help with the meds was really helpful.  It helped me get into a routine, especially with the med boxes.  I was grateful that I had a place to live.”  And, she added, “It was good that they had transportation because I was able to go to some of the groups that needed transportation.  It really was like a home environment because we did normal things like chores.  Without Emerald House I wouldn’t have known about the groups.  Without Emerald House I wouldn’t have gotten a job.  The staff got me a job.”