Ruth Recovered Her Life Through In SHAPE

I was suffering from depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia. Starting the In SHAPE program wasn’t easy for me -- having to meet people at a certain time, go to a gym where there were a lot of other people, and discuss myself with a mentor. But my first mentor was a perfect match for me.

She knew just how to get me started and build up to my ability. I had so much FUN with her. After several water classes, I signed up to learn how to swim, which I’d never done because I was afraid of the water. I even learned how to dive and at the age of 52! After a year of part-time work, I was able to work full-time.

Seeing therapists wasn’t enough for me to be ready for full-time employment. I truly believe it was the In Shape program that made the difference. I can’t say enough good things about In SHAPE. I hope it’s around a long time to help others as it has helped me.