Kids InShape Learn Teamwork at Camp Takodah

This past spring vacation, the Kids InShape program took a group of 12 participants between the ages of 10-16  to Camp Takodah to work on many skills such as team and relationship building, trust, listening and communication, increasing self-esteem, self-regulation and self-control, to name a few.  The participants needed to work very hard to work together as a unit to complete the activities and had to be willing to trust each other, both emotionally and physically. Teamwork was the theme of the day, and at one point while discussing how to complete a challenge, one participant Ian spoke up and said “we need to work together”. The Camp Takodah staff was very proud of Ian and recognized him as he was the first participant to say “we”. Ian had been in the mental health unit several times over the winter. He was visibly proud of himself and felt good about what he’d said and how he was recognized for something positive. The participants did a phenomenal job working together and earned the right to go on the low ropes course where they continued to work on the above skills, namely trust. The Camp Takodah staff pointed out that not all groups earn the right to go onto the ropes course. It was extremely rewarding for the Kids InShape staff to see the participants not only try new things, but succeed and feel good about themselves.