Helping Tony Grow

Tony came to MFS at age 5 as a wild child, in diapers and still drinking out of a bottle.  Therapists worked that summer getting him ready for school and by September he was able to attend elementary school in Keene.  As a result of a tremendous collaborative effort on the part of the school, MFS and the Division of Children Youth and Families (DCYF), Tony was taken from his mother and placed in foster care.  Within months he even walked differently, likely the result of finally possessing some self-esteem.  He learned to speak so that others could understand him, learned to eat things other than frozen peas (which we assumed his mother gave him when he was hungry), was toilet-trained and began learning social skills.  His foster parents adopted him, undeterred by a mistaken diagnosis that was the result of his stunted life with his biological mother.  Today Tony is a typical , happy , healthy teen-ager with average intelligence and age-appropriate social skills, habits and interests.  At 14, he is a far cry from the lost little boy who first came to MFS.