Finding a Home for Kay

Kay was dealing with depression and was homeless when Melanie Diehl, her caseworker at Monadnock Family Services, entered her life.  Kay was “skittish” at her first meeting with Melanie, but she soon discovered she had an ally in her efforts to right her life.  After a stay in the hospital and then in a nursing home, when she felt all odds were against her, Kay got reassuring comfort from Melanie’s assistance.  Eventually, Melanie helped her find an apartment in a senior citizen complex but the unit was unsafe for her and she needed to move.  With Melanie’s help, Kay will be living in an apartment.  “Without her, I wouldn’t be here today,” says Kay.  Melanie Diehl is one of the many caseworkers at MFS who day in and day out, help their clients confront challenges as they cope with their mental illness.