Incorporators are the non-profit equivalent of shareholders in a for-profit enterprise. As such, Incorporators have a stake and interest in the welfare of the non-profit business. The agency exists to serve the public and through the work of its volunteer Board and Incorporators, its mission is directed by the public. Monadnock Family Services is a community mental health agency that serves the approximately 100,000 residents of the Monadnock region. Every effort is made to assemble a slate of Incorporators that is representative of the geographical scope of the agency.

Monadnock Family Services "Fact Sheet"


Founded in 1905, MFS is a non-profit, comprehensive, community mental health agency serving 35 towns in Cheshire and western Hillsborough counties in southwestern New Hampshire.

Each year, our team of professionals helps approximately 800 children and youth who have serious emotional and behavioral disturbances and 1600 adults through a variety of counseling and support services.

MFS offers programs in parent education, family support, youth development, services for seniors, substance abuse prevention and treatment, and treatment for individuals and families confronting mental illness.


Our mission is to be a source of health and hope for people and the communities in which they live, particularly as it pertains to mental illness.  We create services that heal, education that transforms, and advocacy that brings a just society for everyone.


·         Staff: Philip Wyzik, CEO, Gigi Batchelder, CFO, Dr. Marianne Marsh, Medical Director

·         Board of Directors: Mike Chelstowski, President, Dr. Robert Englund, VP, John Round, Treasurer, Sharon Price Stout, Secretary, Ann Heffernon, Assistant Secretary, Diane Croteau, Brian Donovan, Susan Doyle, JoAnn Fenton, Julie Green, Jean Kilham, Molly Lane, Jane Larmon, John Santos, Lucy Shonk,  Winston Sims, Andrew Weglinski and Louise Zerba.

3 Corporations:

·         Monadnock Family Services (MFS) – the operating organization that provides clinical services

·         Monadnock Community Service Center – asset holding entity that owns the buildings and properties

·         Monadnock Regional Foundation for Family Services – foundation that helps support MFS from donations

 Nine (9) Service Locations:


At 64 Main Street: Administrative Office, Child and Family Services, and Monadnock RSVP Volunteer Center

At 17 93rd Street: Recovery Support and Emergency Services

At Washington Street: Case Management, Supported Employment and InSHAPE

Peterborough: Eastern Region Office at 9 Vose Farm Road serving children and adults

Jaffrey - at 22 North Street: Monadnock Adult Care Center (MACC), and Restorative Partial Hospitalization (RPH)

Winchester - at 83 Parker Street: serving children and adults

185 Staff Positions: of the 185 current positions, approximately 150 represent staff providing direct service to our clients.

Total served – in fiscal 2017 we served 2,331 (766 children, 1,279 adults and 286 seniors) by way of 65,000 appointments

Clients served – we provided $1.9 million dollars in free or discounted care and wrote off $.8 million in uncollectable fees. A total of 737 Cheshire County residents were treated in our 24 hour, 7 day, Emergency Service.

Specialty Services –

·         InSHAPE - Health promotion and wellness services for children and adults providing one-on-one mentorship and group activities

·         Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) -- intensive 24/7 for adults with severe and persistent mental illness

·         Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) - special cognitive behavioral treatment for high need adults and children

·         Emerald House – 24/7 residential care services for adults – capacity for 10 individuals

 .       Restorative Partial Hospitalization (RPH) - these enrichment groups provide treatment and rehabilitation in a community setting to adult clients living with serious mental illness.

Revenue – total revenues are budgeted at $9.4 million. Of that 9.4 million, 84% are earned through the provision of services to the community. Medicaid revenues represent 76% of all service revenues and are budgeted at 7.6 million. Grants, donations and other income are expected to amount to 1.3 million this fiscal year. Support from Monadnock United Way is just under $200,000 for FY 2018.

Expenditures – total expenses are budgeted at 9.2 million. Of that 9.2 million personnel expenses are budgeted at 7.2 million or 79% of all expenses.

Incorporators – MFS currently has 153 Incorporators who have made a commitment to support MFS in various ways when called upon to help with things such as advocacy, committee work, supporting fundraising events, and volunteering in other capacities.

Roles of the Incorporators

As defined in the by-laws, every Incorporator:

  • serves for a five-year term
  • attends an initial orientation at the beginning of his/her term, as well as educational updates on agency programs, directions and goals.
  • attends and votes at the agency’s annual meeting and at any special meetings.
  • is responsible for electing the governing Board

Based on Incorporator skills and interest, other possibilities for involvement with the agency include:

  • Acting as an advocate and ambassador for the agency, serving as a communications link in informing the community about the agency’s services:
  • keeping the agency apprised of agency-related problems or opportunities in his/her community.
  • cultivating an awareness of the mission and work of the agency and remaining current with agency communications received during the year.
  • keeping the agency apprised of the service needs of his/her community.
  • providing financial and/or volunteer support to the agency within the individual capacity to do so.
  • serving on committees or special projects when possible to provide needed expertise and background experience.
  • assisting with the town funding process in his/her respective town.
    • writing letters to the editor
    • speaking to selectmen and budget committees
    • speaking on behalf of the agency at town meetings