Emerald House

Emerald House is a transitional residence and treatment center for persons recovering from mental illness and preparing to re-enter their community.  We offer individualized services that specialize in teaching independent living skills, including vocational skills, nutrition, budgeting, and social interaction.  Residents complete three distinct phases that prepare them to successfully carry out activities of daily living, including management of their symptoms and medications. 


Emerald House offers a safe, confidential environment for those looking to achieve their recovery goals within the community.


It is right in there - Betwixt and between - The orchard bare - And the orchard green.... Robert Frost

Who is eligible for Emerald House?

Adults eligible for state-funded services and who also receive services through Monadnock Family Services may be eligible to reside at  Emerald House.


Emerald House is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Every staff member is trained in recovery services, CPR, first aid, medication administration and distribution, response to blood-borne pathogens, and respect for clients’ rights.