Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Many mental health problems create conditions in which a person has difficulty regulating his or her emotions.  The person might react strongly to what might seem to others to be an insignificant remark or incident, or the person might see anger or hostility in others that isn't really there.  Some can be characterized by emotional neediness or a fear of being abandoned.  Persons with this type of limitation often have trouble maintaining personal relationships, dealing with the routine challenges of daily life, or holding down a job or raising a family.  Some may engage in self-destructive behavior and have thoughts of suicide.

 Photo by Ángelo González

Photo by Ángelo González

With Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, a person meets weekly with a therapist and also takes part in a weekly skills development course.  Initially, individuals develop ways to cope successfully with intense emotions.  As they improve these skills, individuals then can begin to confront specific challenges in their lives that they have not been able to cope with successfully in the past.

This form of therapy was designed, studied and promoted by a consumer, psychologist and researcher Marsha Linehan PhD.  It is widely accepted as an effective approach to help people who have been affected by traumatic experiences.

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