Assertive community treatment (act)

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a team-based approach to delivering comprehensive and flexible treatment, support and services. ACT is for individuals who have the most serious and intractable symptoms of severe mental illness and who, consequently have the greatest difficulty with basic daily activities such as keeping themselves safe, caring for their basic physical needs or maintaining a safe and affordable place to live. ACT services are mostly delivered in the community where clients live and work (SAMHSA, 2017).

The team assists clients to lessen psychoses (duration, intensity, or frequency), to maintain a substance-free lifestyle, to maintain decent and affordable housing in a normative setting, to minimize involvement with law enforcement and criminal justice, to acquire and keep a job, to maintain good general health status and to meet other individual goals. Currently, the ACT team includes psychiatrists, nurses, mental health clinicians, case managers, peer support specialists, functional support specialists, and a supported employment specialist.

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