Acute Care Services

We're here to help


If you or someone you know is facing an immediate mental health crisis right now, call our emergency help line at 603-357-4400.

Our Acute Care Emergency Services Team steps in to help people and families that face a mental health crisis – an emergency that’s happening right now.  Our expert, experienced staff clinicians are available to help either by phone or in person 24 hours every day of the year.  They know how to help persons in crisis to stay safe and to restore calm until more comprehensive treatment can be arranged.


 Last summer a young, unemployed, homeless woman from the Keene area -- we'll call her Esther, -- was brought to our Emergency Services office by our outreach worker who found her in the woods.  A  clinician immediately recognized the severity of her situation, made a full evaluation of her needs, coordinated with her primary care medical provider to initiate anti-psychotic medication, and gave her useful ideas to help her calm herself and manage her behavior.

He then contacted our colleagues at Southwestern Community Services to find a place for Esther in a shelter, and arranged for an intake appointment with MFS to expedite the availability of further services.  He scheduled Esther for several crisis stabilization appointments with our clinicians to make sure she would remain safe while awaiting case management, ongoing therapy with one of MFS's psychotherapists, and an appointment with our psychiatrist for medication management

Esther was able to regain her stability over the next few weeks.  She continues to use medications, works carefully with her case manager and psychotherapist, and now has her own apartment.  Ester is enrolled in our Supportive Employment program, is seeking part-time employment, and is considering applying to a local college for the new semester.